Swimming Pool Replaster

If you own a concrete swimming pool, swimming pool replastering will be a part of the regular maintenance process in order to keep it in top shape. Outdoor Concepts will provide you with exceptional swimming pool replastering services that will leave your pool looking crisp and clean. Only about two layers of pool plaster can be added before you need to remove the other layers and start fresh again, so contact us to figure out what type of replastering service you need! 

Swimming Pool Remodel

Thinking about giving your current, outdated pool a much needed upgrade? Then contact Outdoor Concepts for outstanding swimming pool remodeling services in the Laguna Niguel, CA area! Whether we are adding new tiles to your pool or installing a pool slide, our skilled team can provide it. Let us give you the swimming pool you’ve always dreamed of and reach out to us today to get started! 

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

No matter what type of pool surface you have, our team will provide you with expert swimming pool resurfacing services that can get it back in a great condition. If you notice any leaks, stains, or peeling on your pool’s surface, it’s time to give us a call. We will work hard to ensure your swimming pool’s surface is properly resurfaced with the correct materials and completed with great attention to detail. Call us today for more information!

Swimming Pool Plastering

Outdoor Concept’s swimming pool plastering services are designed to ensure your pool is plastered properly and in a timely manner. Our goal is to make sure your pool has a smooth surface that looks great in your backyard. A plaster coat can last anywhere from 7 to sometimes even 20 years, and then our replastering services are here when you need them! If you live in Laguna Niguel, CA, give us a call today to learn more! 

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